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Our Mascot - Randz the Rhino

Our Mascot 

The Rhino represents who ETKDU is. Master Chavez always teaches respect and calmness. ETKDU is like a Rhino because of how a Rhino is calm and always doing what it wants to do without disturbing other animals, including the king of the jungle the lion.

But in reality the lion does not disturb the Rhino because the Rhino will dominate the lion in a battle. Therefore, the Rhino represents harmony and dominance when needed.

Our Mission

At E-TKD United we are committed to giving all of our students the best training possible.  We strive to teach our students: 

  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Self-defense
  • Focus
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Improve self-esteem/confidence
  • Leadership
  • Anti-bully 
  • Character development

More importantly, we teach our students to not only practice these attributes in Taekwondo but also in their daily lives so they can be successful. We are proud every time one of our current or former student obtains a Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degree, not to mention earning their Black Belt!

Education is very important to us, several of our instructors are currently pursuing their degrees and we fill with great pride and joy when our students go on to fulfill their career goals.

The "E" stands for Master Chavez' first name.  In the logo, the "E" is someone doing a jump side kick, which symbolizes that we can jump over and overcome any and all obstacles that come across our path.  

"United" was important for Master Chavez to include as part of our name because we are ONE strong team, ONE family and UNITED we will "Make You Stronger for the Future."              

Our History

E-TKD United was founded in 2010 by Master Chavez and his Instructors.  Master Chavez has been in taekwondo for 20 years.  Master Chavez is a nationally ranked referee and renowned tournament director. In his repertoire he has trained many national and international champions and is himself a Pan American Open Champion. 

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