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Our school management OnMat Now allows you, the parent, to keep track of your son/daughter's improvement. You can view our calendar, your child's curriculum, awards received, belt promotion test, and a few other things - all at your fingertips. (The app is available on iPhones and Droids.)

We offer multiple programs to suit your entire family - kids, teens and adults! 

Traditional Taekwondo - we tap into the ancient wisdom of martial arts to develop confident leaders by working towards improving concentration/focus, respect, discipline and goal-setting/accomplishment.

Sports Taekwondo (TE) - taking your TKD skills to the next level. Our Team E (TE) competes at several tournaments throughout the year, with the U.S. Nationals being our main goal. Through hard work, passion and dedication we've made several State Champions, U.S. National Champions and have also competed internationally.

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